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CNC machining main tools

Date:2017-03-10 Author: Times:25503

The tool can be divided into five categories according to the surface of the work piece. Processing of a variety of external surface of the tools, including turning tools, planer, milling cutter, the outer surface of the broach and rasp; hole processing tools, including drill, reaming drill, boring knife, reamer and inner surface broach; Tools, including taps, die, automatic opening and closing thread cutting, thread turning tools and thread cutter, etc .; gear processing tools, including hob, shaper cutter, shaving cutter, bevel gear cutting tool, cutting tool, Tooth saw blades, Band saws, Bow saws, Cutters and saw blades, etc. In addition, there are combinations of tools.


According to the cutting movement and the corresponding blade shape, the tool can be divided into three categories. General tools such as turning tools, planers, milling cutters (excluding forming turning tools, forming planers and forming cutters), boring tools, drills, reamers, reamers and saws; forming tools, With the same or near the same size of the work piece, such as forming a knife, forming planer, forming cutter, broach, cone reamer and a variety of thread processing tools; Toothed or similar work pieces such as hobs, shape, shaving cutter, bevel gear planer and bevel gear cutter.


Tool materials are divided into the following categories: high-speed steel, cemented carbide, cermet, ceramic, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamond.

I mainly put on ceramics, ceramics for cutting the tool longer than the carbide, but because of its brittle, the development is very slow. But since the last century after the 1970s, or get a relatively rapid development. Ceramic tool materials are mainly two major lines, namely, alumina and silicon nitride system. Ceramics as a tool, with low cost, high hardness, high temperature performance advantages, have a good prospect.

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